A community committed to living out the role for which we were created... to become the Hands and Feet of God...loving, restoring and reclaiming all of His Creation.  

The Vision for NCC

Truth - There is only 1 truth, the one offered by God, Jesus came to testify to that truth and all counter-truth claims are offered by Satan and intended to cause suffering.

Trajectory - According to God's Truth, all of Creation is headed towards the marriage again of Heaven and Earth, the path to this destiny is Restoration and we are invited to experience and be the means through which God's Restoration comes.

Today - God's work of Restoration and the 'salvation' that Jesus offers us doesn't have to be waited for, it's meant to be experienced Today. New Creation has begun and we are invited to begin living NOW the way we'll live forever.

As an outflow of committing to be a follower of Jesus, of becoming a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven and accepting the invitation to participate in New Creation,

at NCC we will:

  1. Be devoted to hearing and applying the teaching of God's Word
  2. Be devoted to breaking bread together (Doing Life Together)
  3. Be devoted to praying together (Our Porthole to the Spiritual)
  4. Be devoted to praising God together (The Tidal-wave is Coming)
  5. Be devoted to carrying each other’s burdens and ensuring everyone's needs are met (Easing Suffering is More Important than Saving Money)